coffee bar


Coffee Pixels is a chewy coffee/chocolate bar made from the whole coffee cherry.

Less waste, more benefits.

Natural ingredients:

Arabica coffee beans
Cascara (the fruit of the coffee tree)
Vegetable Cocoa Butter
Pure cane sugar
Himalayan salt

Vegan, gluten free and GMO free



8 times more antioxidant than goji berry.
Essential for preserving the health of our cells, including our neurons.

A boost of clarity of mind and lucidity.
Digestion allows a latent diffusion of caffeine in the body, without "side effect
A naturally rich source of fibre.
Fibre helps regulate blood sugar levels in the body and contributes to normal transit.



100% of the coffee tree's resources are used, no waste is produced.

By valuing the entire production, we multiply the coffee growers' income by 5.

More income = More time to grow a healthy product.

Coffee Pixels is committed to perpetuating an agricultural model of the future, cultivation in the forest.

Original Bar :

Per 10g bar For 100g
Energy value (KJ/Kcal): 221.7/53.6 Energy value (KJ/Kcal):
50 mg of caffeine 500 mg of caffeine
3.98g of fat 39.8g of fat
of which saturated 2.48g of which saturated 24.8
2.84g Carbohydrates 28.4g Carbohydrates
of which Sugar 0.79g of which Sugar 7.9g
2.23g Fibre 22.3g Fibre
0.49g Protein 4.9g Protein
0.005 Salt  0.05 Salt

21400 Antioxidant ORAC Value*, μmol TE / 100g

(8x more than Goji Bay)


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