2 doosjes Coffee Capsules - Brazil IAN (2x 10st)


Nespresso compatible Coffee Capsules - Brazil IAN (per 2 x 10) (eco)


These Brazil IAN capsules are all filled with a single origin coffee

The BOM SUCCESO from the village of Carmo de Cachoeira is a great Natural Processed coffee from producer Jose Vitor Luz. The variety is Yellow Catuai picked at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level. 

Full Bodied and fruity, with notes of chocolate; a samba party for your taste buds.

Brazil IAN is just the thing to start up your morning swing.

Caffenation Nespresso Compatible Plant Based Compostable Coffee Capsules. 

Capsules packed with flavor and fully eco and environment friendly.

Check thegreenring.org for more info.

In one small box fit 10 capsules. 


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