Don’t f*ck up your baby


Don't Fck Up Your Baby

The Ultimate Guide to Raising Your Newborn Brand

Newborn brands are like babies, you can be very proud of it and feel great love for it. They can also take up all your time and give you sleepless nights.


Don’t F*ck Up Your Baby draws an ingenious connection between building a brand and raising a newborn baby, each one of the 18-steps relating to a year of the newborn’s life. This book simplifies the process of branding, distilling what the authors have learnt from their years of industry experience and having contributed to the launch of over 75 startups into a seriously fun, and useful, reading experience.

If you’re looking to create your brand identity, then come on this journey of raising your newborn brand with this book. You’ll learn about the theory behind creativity and branding, while also getting interactive examples that help you bring your brand to life. With as much humour as experience, this book is a must-have for anyone looking to design their startup brand.

Joris van Dooren and Coen Luijten

Joris van Dooren

After the childhood dream of becoming a Tour de France champion didn’t quite work out, Joris van Dooren made a switch to academics, finishing up a master’s degree in international business communication. From there, he launched into a successful career in advertising, marking himself as a true innovator in the industry. You won’t catch him doing the same thing twice!

In 2009, he took a position lecturing creativity, advertising, and branding at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences. He thrives when helping people unlock their creativity, foster their curiosity, and develop critical thinking skills. If he’s not brainstorming or building brands, you’ll most likely find him secretly working towards that yellow jersey.


Coen Luijten

While he worked for years in the banking and insurance industry, Coen Luijten discovered that his heart belonged to creativity, advertising and brand building. In his mid-thirties in 2010, armed with his passion for innovation, he made the switch to higher education, taking a position teaching creativity, advertising, and branding at the Fontys University of Applied Science. In 2017, he obtained his Master of Business Innovation in Imagineering, which he now uses to help people unlock their creativity and foster their newborn brands’ image.

If he’s not building brands, you’ll find him learning about motivational psychology, travelling from country to country, and immersing himself in distinct cultures from around the globe.


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