Koffiebonen Bocca Indonesia Sulawesi Pango Pango 250gr


Pango Pango, Indonesia

Third time’s a charm.

For this coffee we persevere and do not give up. Three seems to be the right number of times so that’s why we bring back our Pango Pango for the 3rd time.

Traditionally speaking, coffees from Indonesia are known for their notes of cotton, liquorice root and tobacco but as this coffee is washed, it has a completely different flavour profile. It delivers an exceptionally clean cup with sweet notes of lime, berries and cane sugar. For us, it was love at first taste.

The coffee comes from the Pedamaran plantation, near the village of Pango Pango. Besides the cherries from this farm, the cooperation also buys cherries from smallholders in its surroundings. These cherries have to meet strict quality standards and are collected when they are still in parchment (wet, with a moisture percentage of 40%). The coffee is then processed at the farm, being dried in mechanical dryers until it reaches a moisture percentage of 10 to 12 percent. This usually takes about 72 hours.

The farm is very much focused on educating and supporting their producing partners. At the end of each harvest season, they organize a party, giving out awards to thank the producers who did the amazing work. Each year, about 150 to 200 producers attend this day!

Inhoud: 250gr biologische, op hout gebrande koffiebonen, filterbranding en-maling (geschikt voor filterkoffie, french press, drip, mocchapot)

Verpakking: Blikken doos met hersluitbaar kunststof deksel



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