My photography toolbox


Create suggestive images while training your eye and improving your skills.

My Photography Toolbox is the perfect game for those who take pictures regularly, and for creative social media users who would love to improve their skills. It demonstrates the ‘tools’ that smartphones or digital cameras don’t supply, like soul, meaning and the psychology of forms.

The game consists of 72 cards displayed into five categories: Genre, Composition, Fundamentals, Principles and Attitude. Each card instructs and enhances your creativity.

Its stylish design, concise texts, easy rules, and photographic examples allow you to learn while playing in a team or on your own.

The box includes two games, each with a different goal: make a suggestive photo in less than 20 minutes, or discover the rules of photography connecting images and concepts.

“Not everyone trusts paintings, but people believe photographs” - Ansel Adams


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