South Africa - A Road Trip


"An ode to magnificent discoveries and meeting new friends"

The past 20 years, photographer Mirjam Bleeker and stylist Frank Visser have travelled around the world together many times. They prefer to travel without a fixed plan, so they can be surprised by unexpected adventures and encounters. A few years ago they feel in love with South Africa. This book is an ode to South Africa's stunning nature and its people. It's areport of Mirjam and Frank's road trip along the coasts and through the inland, passing vast nature reserves and bustling cities. Along the way they caught up with old friends and made new ones, forging bonds for life.

South Africa - A Road Trip holds beautiful photo's of these inspiring people and their homes, as well as breathtaking photos of nature scenes. The book is divided into chapters corresponding with the different regions. With the book also comes a little practical guide in the form of a seperate booklet, with addresses and tips.

About the authors

The Dutch stylist Frank Visser works under the name of IJM on thought-provoking projects that are regularly published in international design magazines. Mirjam Bleeker is a freelance photographer. She travels the world, often together with Frank, in search of the most beautiful and extraordinary locations and people. Her work has been Published in numerous international travel and interior design magazines. Frank and Mirjam are also the authors of At the Ocean and Close to Nature.

Release date September 8th 2019

Language English

Format 22 x 28,5 cm

Pages 256 + 48

Finish Hardcover

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