the holey bible


The Holey Bible

How to Live a More Creatively Enlightened Life

The Holey Bible is a book that helps us more easily spot the holes in our thinking, hence the title.
"Wowsers, what a tremendously creative and inspirational book! You nailed the creative process."– Scott Barry Kaufman, PhD, best-selling author of Ungifted & Wired to Create
Paulina Larocca and Tony Ibbotson

Paulina Larocca is a published BIS author of Creativity+ and Connecting. She is a teacher of creative problem solving and has a Master of Science in Creativity.
Designer: Tony Ibbotson is co-author of Connecting. He is the founder of The Creative Method design agency established in 2005 and is now recognised as one of Sydney’s best design agencies.

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