Woodcut - Three puzzles


Woodcut Three Puzzles - English

3 puzzles of 300pcs each!

Each piece of art in this unique three-puzzle set captures the great beauty and power of trees in exquisite detail. The 300-piece puzzles are stored in individual sections in the box, to be completed separately or mixed all together for an extra challenge. Each puzzle has a different color on the bottom of its pieces for simple sorting and reboxing. When not puzzling, the box makes a stunning addition to any shelf or coffee table. Woodcut: Three Puzzles is the latest addition to our bestselling Woodcut series.


Princeton - Gifts (A
Bryan Nash Gill
BOX, 254 x 127 mm, 300 p/puzzle
E edition
Publication date: Nov. 21

koffiebar Philimonius coffee bar Aalst

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