Beira oorringen SOULBOTTLE purple lang


Deze mooie duurzame juweeltjes zijn gemaakt van geüpcycled flessenglas!


SOULBOTTLE-oorbellen van gerecycleerd flesglas en matte afwerking, elk stuk is uniek, vastgehouden op een basis 925 zilver, verguld met  3 micron 18kt goud


Lengte: 42mm
Breedte: 4mm

Beira is a small craft workshop dedicated to the design and production of jewellery and utilitarian art glass

All our pieces are crafted in Bullseye glass and 925 Silver

But also...

Beira is a way of looking at life, because life is the color of the glass through which you look at it...

The beautiful nature that surrounds us in the South of Spain inspires our work...

The abstraction of the organic moved to a minimalist imagery, where exploding colors, creating sensations who owns our jewels. We use glass by way of letters to build virtual poetry which becomes the object of desire...

The contemporaneity of glass as a material gets us excited and the sensations that gives its color spectrum almost addictive...

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