Koffiebonen Bocca Gusto


Voor wie met verve in het leven staat! Onze kenmerkende biologische melange is veelzijdig en vol, met tonen van fluweelzachte chocola, honing en bessen. Deze koffie brengt schwung in je leven, hoe je ‘m ook zet.


During the Roya (coffee rust) plague in 2012/2013, many farmers in Huabál lost significants parts of their coffee harvest. Luckily, many of them also had other sources of income and therefore they weren’t forced to leave their land. Whereas the Peruvian government started promoting resistant cultivars, most farmers in Huabál continued working with trees from traditional varieties that survived the Roya. therefore,  these varieties have become quite strong. Also, they deliver a much more delicious cup than the Roya resistant ones. Huabál has just started its journey to excellence and we’re very pleased that, together with our importing partner, we can work together with those dedicated producers from the El Huaco and La Huaca communities. By buying this coffee, we support the farmers so that they can work on improving the infrastructure, drying capacity and storage conditions. It gives them the motivation and inspiration to produce even higher quality coffee in the future and we’re looking forward to be part of their journey. 

Inhoud: 250gr biologische koffiebonen (geschikt voor espresso, filterkoffie, french press, drip, mokkapot)

Verpakking: recycleerbaar pmd 


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