mozaa game



The game that brings out the artist in you! Create the largest colour fields and win.

Mozaa is a colourful combination of domino and mosaic. It is the edge matching game that brings out the artist in you.

The box contains 64 cards (tiles) which all have a unique colour combination. Take a playing card from the stack and place it next to the cards on the table, in such a way that the colours on the edges match. The one who creates the most and largest colour fields wins the game. You can build your own colour fields or block the expansions of other players’ fields. Whatever strategy you choose, and whether you win or lose, the end result will always be a different and beautiful mosaic pattern.


Renske Solkesz

Renske Solkesz (1982) finished her master’s degree in product design from the Delft University of Technology in 2008, where she graduated cum laude. She completed part of her studies at Les Ateliers in Paris and lived for some time in the UK, Australia and recently Vietnam.

Renske is fascinated by how people throughout the world connect to their environments. How people use products to forge their surroundings and how, vice versa, objects support ánd shape their daily rituals. To her, design is more than function and aesthetics. It is about creating a meaningful exchange between people and their surroundings. The story that unfolds when an object is used, that’s what a good design is all about.


  • Author: Renske Solkesz 
  • Boxed set
  • 64 cards
  • 12 x 12 x 4 cm
  • ISBN 978 90 6369 296 4

''Very exciting and beautiful to look at.'' - NRC Handelsblad


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