“A new, fresh take on top-ten lists”

Belgian illustrator Tom De Geeter asked around a hundred artists, tv-makers, musicians, famous and less famous people to draw up their so-called ‘tens’, without any restrictions. This resulted in a unique and out-of-the-box view on the things that are interesting people’s mind, presented with lots craftmanship and attention to details. So don’t expect the usual, somewhat predicatble and easy-to-forget lists; instead this book holds a quirky, surprising and very varied collection, accompagnied by De Geeter’s contrasty yet delicate illustrations. 

With lists by Wim Opbrouck, Saskia De Coster, Thomas Vanderveken, Jelle De Beule, Ayco Duyster, Jan Hautekiet, Nic Balthazar and Isolde Lasoen and many big names from the international music and comedy industry. Examples include:

  • top 10 movie bullies we hated but secretly loved
  • top 10 most deranged Roman emperors
  • top 10 Bill Murray characters I wanna drink whiskey with
  • top 10 Star Trek thoughts
  • and many more.

In an era rife with listicles and churn-and-burn graphics, TENS manages to hit that rare sweet spot of being able to reel you in, without sacrificing craftsmanship, depth and detail. TENS’ open-format categories (think sit-coms, philosophers and hockey goons, alike) shed light on each featured artist’s personality, and touch upon themes of nostalgia, humor, inspiration, and camp. The result is a compelling and remarkably-crafted anthology worthy of a home upon the most discerning of coffee tables.

Curated, illustrated and designed by Tom De Geeter
200 pages / Hardcover / ISBN 978 94 6058 2615

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