The South of France for art lovers


There’s more to the South of France than sun, beaches, and the azure blue sea. Something that culture journalist Eric Rinckhout sets out to prove with verve in this new travel guide. Rinckhout has compiled a list of 380 exceptional culture and art spots in his favourite travel destination, presenting them in intriguing thematic lists.

  • interesting street art
  • the classics but differently
  • remarkable art in old churches
  • places seen through the painter's eye
  • legendary film locations 
  • charming art villages
... and much more.

The South of France for Art Lovers is one of the spin-off titles of The 500 Hidden Secretsseries of essential city guides. This guide focusses on one particular aspect of the region of the South of France. Author Eric Rinckhout will help you to see the South of France in a new light and to discover sites and details you never looked for before.

  • last update July 2021
  • language English
  • author Eric Rinckhout
  • photographer Arnaud Moro
  • format 14,2 x 19,2 cm
  • #pages 352

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