Postcard - seed mix


Postkaartje met zaadjes voor kruidenmix


With these plantable postcards, you can make your message bloom into herbs!

The cards are made from flowering paper, this is a sustainable paper that has herb seeds in it. If you place the card in soil and let it grow, you will get some fresh dill, thyme, basil, and rocket in a few weeks. 

Plantable postcards allow you to give back to nature by planting the postcard and nurturing the growth of new plants. This helps to promote biodiversity and improve the environment. The paper is made from recycled paper and the cards are printed with eco ink. 


  • Wet the flowering paper well and place it on the earth in the garden or inside a flower pot. 
  • Cover the paper with approximately 1 cm of soil
  • Give it a little water every day, after a week the seeds will start to sprout
  • Keep taking good care of the growing herbs 

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